Tuesday, October 8, 2013

IQB Prints - 1up.com era


INVENTORY NAMES - TOP ROW L TO R - 1up Altered Beast, 1up Lone Fox, 1up SFAlpha Dan, 1up Gears/Viva
2ND ROW L TO R - 1up Assassins, 1up Psychonauts, 1upDuke, 1up Crackdown
3RD ROW L TO R - 1up Metal Gear, 1up Mortal Kombat, 1up Bionic, 1up MegaMan
BOTTOM ROW L TO R - 1up MVC3, 1up Super Smash

All prints are 11x17 art/12x18 full bleed printed on vibrant 60 lb digital stock - $10.00 each and a one time $5 flat shipping fee - US only. for all ordered (including mix and match when other prints are available)

Please send an email to therustyshackles(@)gmail.com for paypal.  Let me know if you want me to send you an invoice OR just paypal me once I confirm the stock is available.  PLEASE make sure I have your correct mailing address either in the paypal invoice or via email - I do not have a webstore and this is all done directly through me, so please allow at least one week for shipping!  

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